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Bolivia Los Rodriguez Arcangel | Filter 200g


Los Rodriguez Arcangel was established in 2015 and had its first harvest in 2017. Situated in Caranavi, Bolivia, the farm is surrounded by the lush tropical and subtropical forests of the Yungas.

Mosto, also known as leachate, is the result of fermenting ripe fruit. In the case of this experimental-processing coffee, approximately 10% of the initial cherry's weight is extracted as leachate, which is then utilised in subsequent fermentation processes.

This infusion of bacteria and yeast contributes to the coffee's enhanced fruity notes, fuller body, and complex acidity, allowing it to exhibit delightful flavours of stone fruit, cane sugar, and delicate nuances.

Filter Roast

Bolivia Los Rodriguez Arcangel


1620 Meters

Mosto Washed

Stone Fruit / Cane Sugar / Delicate Flavour