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Colombia La Esperanza | Filter 200g


Located in Palestine, La Esperanza is nestled amidst a majestic mountain landscape, which contributes to the unique quality of its crops. The owner of La Esperanza, Gildardo Arias, is committed to achieving excellence at every stage of coffee cultivation and production.

After careful handpicking, the coffee cherries undergo depulping and fermentation in tanks for 46 hours at temperatures ranging from 16-26 degrees. This crucial period is instrumental in developing the distinct flavour profiles. Subsequently, the cherries are washed once again before entering a drying process that lasts 20-22 days, allowing them to exhibit delightful flavours of floral hints, green mango, and lemon tea.

Filter Roast

Colombia La Esperanza

Pink Bourbon

1700 Meters


Hints of Floral / Green Mango / Lemon Tea