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Colombia La Falda | Filter 200g


2013 Cup of Excellence #7 Farm

Colombia La Falda Natural has received a several awards, including #3 in the 7th Land of Diversity, a finalist position in the 8th Land of Diversity, #5 in the 2021 Cup of Excellence, and #7 in the 2013 Cup of Excellence.

Grown at an elevation of 1,950 meters, the coffee cherries undergo a 24-hour fermentation process and are carefully monitored until they reach the ideal humidity level in the courtyard.

The cup offers flavours of nimm2 orange candy, pomelo, and a fruity tea finish.

Filter Roast

Colombia La Falda

Caturra Chiroso

1950 Meters


Nimm2 Orange Candy / Pomelo / Fruit Tea Finish