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Bolivia Los Rodriguez Waliki | Filter 200g


Los Rodriguez Waliki is nestled in a lush valley, just 10 kilometres outside Caranavi Province in Bolivia. The land has been growing coffee cherries since 2016.

The Rodriguez family has developed the unique coco natural process, which imparts a bold style to the coffee while maintaining exceptional cleanliness. Coco natural involves a two-stage, high-temperature fermentation process. The initial stage lasts 5-7 days, followed by a 3-day second stage. This rapid and controlled drying method enhances the coffee's bright flavour, adding complexity and depth.

In the cup, it offers flavours of cocoa, winey, and barley tea.

Filter Roast

Bolivia Los Rodriguez Waliki


1600 Meters

Coco Natural

Cocoa / Winey / Barley Tea