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Colombia El Jardin | Filter 200g


Colombia El Jardin Geisha Washed is a captivating coffee from Tolima province, Colombia. Grown at the El Jardin Estate amidst the Andes mountains, this coffee is meticulously processed by owner Wilson Ducuara. With 45 years of experience, Wilson cultivates Geisha, Pink Bourbon, Wush Wush, and Caturra varieties. The cherries undergo a 24-hour pre-fermentation and a 72-hour submerged fermentation with water changes. After careful washing and drying for approximately 8 days, this coffee reveals the unique characteristics of the Geisha variety.

Delight in its jasmine, lemon candy, and honey green tea notes in the cup.

Filter Roast

Colombia El Jardin


1780 Meters


Jasmine / Lemon Candy / Honey Green Tea