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Colombia Las Brisas | Filter 200g


Don Javier, a passionate coffee grower from Colombia, together with his family and neighbour, they have discovered a new coffee variety in the field 10 years ago. Don Javier decided to name it as Chili Bourbon.

Only optimally ripe cherries are picked and fermented in sealed tanks for 50 hours. The coffee is then pulped to remove some of the mucilage. After an additional 40 hours of fermentation, the coffee is washed again to eliminate all remaining mucilage. Finally, the coffee is dried on African beds for 3 weeks, ensuring a slow process that results in the desired tasting profile.

In the cup, it offers flavours of floral, chili lime, and spiced chai tea.

Filter Roast

Colombia Las Brisas

Chili Bourbon

1800 Meters

Double Anaerobic Washed

Floral / Chili Lime / Spice Chai Tea