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Colombia Los Nogales | Filter 200g


2005 Cup of Excellence #1 Farm

Oscar Fernando Hernández, an industrial engineer and former naval petty officer, now leads the family project at Los Nogales farm. After studying environmental management, he took charge with a clear purpose—to revolutionize coffee production through research, innovation, and environmental protection. The farm serves as a center for biotechnology and technology, improving processes from depulping to transportation. At Los Nogales, meticulous fermentation techniques, natural microorganisms, and recycling by-products contribute to high-quality coffee and environmental sustainability.

The cup offers flavours of honeydew melon, cheesecake and nutmeg.

Filter Roast

Colombia Los Nogales

Yellow Typica

1850 Meters

Double Anaerobic Washed

Honeydew Melon / Cheesecake / Nutmeg