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Indonesia Frinsa Manis | Espresso 1kg


For our first single origin espresso offering in 2024, our Roastery team handpicked a natural coffee, which was collected from West Java, Indonesia and then curated by our trusted partner, Nordic Approach.

Named Manis, which translates to ‘sweet' in Indonesian, this coffee lot hailing from Indonesia perfectly embodies its endearing name. This natural process coffee exhibits a delightful balance, offering mild to medium funkiness alongside its inherent sweetness.

Enjoy it black for notes of winey acidity and cacao nibs with a bittersweet aftertaste, or pair it with milk for nougat, macadamia, and butter cream cookie flavours.

Espresso Roast

Indonesia Frinsa Manis


Black : Winey / Cacao Nibs / Bittersweet Aftertaste

White : Nougat / Macadamia / Butter Cream Cookie